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    How to configure silicone rubber self-adhesive tape

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    The silicone rubber self-adhesive tape is 1.47 g / cm3. Among the above 100 parts of fluorosilicone rubber, 100, 150 and 230 parts of boron nitride powder (commercial product of Shin-Etsu Corporation of Japan: KBN — h-10) are added respectively (the volume fraction of BN is 40%, 50%, 60%), together with 25 parts of the above-mentioned gas-phase method white carbon black in a kneader, kneaded into the three kinds of rubber compound under the same conditions, vulcanization molding under the same conditions and evaluation performance, the results are shown in Table 7-26.

    Tetramethyldisiloxane complex (the mass fraction of platinum is 10%), 0.05 parts of 1-ethynyl cyclohexanol, and 1.0 parts of methyl-terminated (CHshSO / HCHtSO copolymer (the concentration of S—H group is 7.0 nl / kg), mixed on a two-roller machine, formulated into addition molding extrusion molding kneaded silicone rubber 11.

    The mixed silicone rubber 11 was hot-pressed and vulcanized at 150 X: for 5 minutes to prepare a 2 mm thick test piece, and the physical properties were measured; and extruded with an extruder with a screw diameter of 60 mm to make an inner diameter of 16 mm, The silicone rubber tube with an outer diameter of 24 mm was continuously vulcanized in a hot air vulcanization furnace at 250 C for 18 s. Observe whether the vulcanized product has bubbles.